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The Retina 3.5 inch display on the Apple iPhone 4 hits you with a clarity of visuals which would match almost any smartphone. The individual pixels are so fine the human eye cannot see them and so brings an unparalleled high–definition experience. The 5 megapixel camera takes full advantage of this optical range and offers tap–to–focus, geo–tagging, LED flash/light, iMovie editor and video capture at 720p/30fps.

Multitasking will not drain the battery and allows the built–in iPod to play music and videos whilst downloading the latest iBook or navigating your journey with the help of A–GPS, maps and a digital compass. The fun side of the iPhone offers 3D motion–sensing game play and the Safari Web browser gives access to more than 200,000 downloadable applications as well as putting the Internet at the touch of your fingers.

In–call features include 2 video cameras that can capture the user as well as their surroundings and dual microphones for a superior quality of sound. Messages are kept in one unified inbox and the menu assists in keeping things organised with applications that can be placed into folders.

The 16GB Apple iPhone 4 has a stylish design with a white stainless steel band and flat glossy surfaces with a fingerprint resistant coating.
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